Saturday, April 24, 2010

North Col

Heard from Bill Thursday night, and he was doing well, but feeling the cold. His nice new friends "The Spaniards" had loaned him a satellite phone to talk to me. We had a bit more time on the phone this go around, which was fantastic. Good news, Lhapka Ghelu got their generator working well enough so that they have light at night. They still won't have access to their own satellite phone for at least another day or so. Bill says he has been reading Sherlock Holmes on the Kindle (thanks to my sister-in-law!) each night, tentatively sticking out one hand to move the screen and shivering from just having that hand exposed. Bill said the team trekked up to the North Col and were going to have two days of rest at ABC before settling in for an overnight stay at Camp 1. Since it is Saturday, they should be heading up there over the next couple of hours. Bill said they plan to trek up to Camp 2 next week, and both he and Julio are doing well on the climb. The Japanese climber went back to Base Camp and took his sherpa with him, so the team is now Bill, Julio and their two Sherpas. I told him again about all of the well-wishes. Hopefully soon, Bill will be able to get online and give his own updates.
Susan Fisher


  1. Hey Sue, tell Bill to find Jordan Romero (the 13 yr old kid) and ask to see his lucky charms (that may sound bad.. and it is.. but Team Jordan will understand). Thanks for the update. Sounds like they're doing great and are on schedule! I'm sort of jealous I'm not there but not while sitting on my couch, sipping a glass of wine, eating sushi and watching American Idol. That's at least 2 nights of the week! Go Team BFF Chomolungma!

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