Monday, April 19, 2010

Julio's Blog

I just got the blog site address for Bill's teammate Julio. It is

There is a GPS link from a few days ago, and some additional information regarding their progress and climb, from Julio's wife, Maribel. Bill and I only talked for 3 minutes last night, since it is so expensive to make these calls. I forgot to add that he sounded well, and was very excited to move on to the North Col. I'll try to get as much information in the future as possible, but I think the best policy is to read both blogs that way you'll have information from me and Maribel.


  1. awesome - thanks for the updates -

  2. Hello Bill, It's been great reading your blog. The GPS is amazing! Lisa Nelson Mitrovich

  3. Hey Sue! Hey Bill! The GPS is very cool! We are so glad to hear Bill is going well and the team is making good progress!! - John and Jodi