Monday, April 26, 2010


Hey all-
Bill & Team are safe. Most teams headed up to the North Col today, but Bill and Julio had decided not to, because they felt bad weather was rolling in. Well unfortnunately it did, and Everest took it's first life. Bill didn't know much of the details and it was not anyone he knew, including Jordan and team. I feel fortunate it wasn't Bill's team, but sad for the family and friends of that person. Bill said he is back at Base Camp and will be there for the next four days. (I am not quite sure I understand that). Please keep the comments coming,because Bill hopes to have the sim card in the next few days. Thanks
Susan Fisher


As I understand from what I can gather via news reports, the weather is pretty bad on the North Side right now. When Bill called early this morning, I could hear the winds howling through the phone. I believe that is why they are all back down at Base Camp. According to other news reports it seems that is where most teams are. I don't know if this will interrupt his summit bid or not. As for the climbers, one person has died, and two others were injured. Sad, sad news. Bill's blog was also featured as the "blog of the day" on Alan Arnette's website. Check it out
Susan Fisher


  1. Glad you are safe Bill. I am sure things will get better for you and Julio...the mountain is just testing you ;-)
    Be safe!
    Rob, Sue Sara and Critty

  2. thinking of you constantly Bill and sending warmth and love your way -
    love Nancy, Neil, Tony and Nick

  3. Bill (and Sue!!),
    Hang in there. Sounds like you're doing the mentally and physically smart thing by going to lower altitude at Base Camp where you can eat, sleep and rejuvenate. The difference between the two is astounding, especially during the earlier weeks. ABC is roughly the same in height as Camp 2 on the south side. There's plenty of time to climb the mountain.
    Very sad and sobering news that a climber died. Always is.

  4. Bill: I think the blog is gripping and I am cross checking the Nova Everest Website to read about each climb that you have done or are about to do. It is exhilarating. I know you and Julio are making great choices and you have already exceeded nearly every human being's boldness. Enjoy the misery and the challenges that are creating your dream accomplishment. If it were easy it wouldn't be Everest. This is, and you are: awesome. -Yours, Dan Cornell

  5. The harder it is and more miserable it is, the more satisfying it will be when you are back home sitting in your big fat house in Burlingame;-) ! Enjoy the experience...

  6. Bill,

    I am amazed at your tenacity and desire to accomplish what most will never experience in a lifetime. It is surreal to visualize what you are enduring through the words of your blogs. Continue to believe in your dream and I know you will be successful...sending positive thoughts your way...get 'er done!

    Kami Curtis

  7. You've got that inner will to make it, stay safe. Keep listening to that still small voice when things just don't seem right and when they do seem right - go for it! You are the man!
    Jason Greenwood

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